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Who Can Attend & What Certification Are Received
Physicians (MD & DO), Nurse Practitioners (NP), Registered Nurses (RN), Physician Assistants (PA), and Dentists (DDS & DMD), licensed to practice in California.  Attendees receive a Certificate of Training upon successful completion of the course.


Introduction to Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler Course

An introduction to Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler course will provide foundational knowledge and practical skills necessary for professionals wanting to enter the field of Aesthetic Medicine. This course covers the following key areas:

Advanced Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler Course
The Advanced Neurotoxin and Dermal Filler course is designed for medical professionals  with a minimum of 6 months of continuous injection experience. This course aims to enhance participants' expertise, refine their technique, and expand their understanding of advanced applications in facial aesthetics. Here is an outline of what an advanced neurotoxin and dermal filler course could include:

Sculptra Aesthetic Training Course
Our Sculptra aesthetic training course is designed to provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills specifically focused on the use of Sculptra, a facial injectable treatment. This course aims to equip healthcare professionals with the expertise to perform Sculptra treatments effectively and safely. This course in for seasoned injectors with a minimum of 1 year of continuous injection experience, including 6 months of performing advanced injectable procedures.  To participate, attendees are required to bring 2 vials of Sculptra in unopened original packaging. Alternately, Sculptra vials can conveniently be purchased during the course. 

PRP Facial and SkinPen Micro-Needling Course
Aesthetic Medicine Academy’s PRP Facial and SkinPen Micro-needling course is designed for medical professionals with a minimu,m of 6 months of continuous injection experience, and provides these healthcare professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the administration of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial treatments and SkinPen micro-needling procedures. This course will enhance participants understanding of regenerative techniques, refine their technique in these treatments, and expand their expertise in facial rejuvenation.

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