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PRP Facial and SkinPen Micro-Needling Course

Aesthetic Medicine Academy’s PRP Facial and SkinPen Micro-needling course is designed for medical professionals (MD, DO, NP, RN, PA, DDS, DMD) with a minimum of 6 months of continuous injection experience, and provides these healthcare professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the administration of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial treatments and SkinPen micro-needling procedures. This course will enhance participants understanding of regenerative techniques, refine their technique in these treatments, and expand their expertise in facial rejuvenation. Here is a breakdown of what a PRP facial and SkinPen micro-needling course would cover:

1. Overview of PRP and Micro-needling:

- Introduction to Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and its role in tissue regeneration.

- Understanding the principles and benefits of SkinPen micro-needling in facial rejuvenation.

- Discussion of the science behind PRP and micro-needling and their synergistic effects.

2. Facial Anatomy and Physiology:

- Comprehensive review of facial anatomy and skin physiology.

- Understanding the different layers of the skin and the impact of PRP and micro-needling on these layers.

 - Identification of key anatomical landmarks and structures relevant to PRP and micro-needling treatments.

3. PRP Preparation Techniques:

- Detailed instruction on PRP and activation.

- Discussion of variations in PRP preparation techniques and their implications for treatment outcomes.

- Considerations for patient-specific factors, including medical history, medications, and contraindications.

4. PRP Facial Techniques:

- In-depth training on PRP facial application techniques, including topical application, micro-channeling, and injection.

- Focus on treatment areas, such as the full face, periorbital region, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines.

- Instruction on combined therapies, such as PRP and micro-needling, PRP and dermal fillers, and PRP and


5. SkinPen Micro-Needling Techniques:

- Comprehensive training on the safe and effective use of the SkinPen device for micro-needling.

- Instruction on different techniques for facial micro-needling, including depth adjustment, speed, and pattern.

- Focus on micro-needling treatment areas, such as the face, neck, décolletage, and hands.

6. Treatment Planning and Patient Assessment:

- Guidelines for patient assessment, including skin type analysis, identification of skin concerns, and designing personalized

treatment plans.

- Understanding the importance of pre-treatment preparation, including skincare regimens, sun protection, and antiseptic


- Developing treatment protocols considering patient goals, expectations, and contraindications.

7. Combination Therapies and Adjunctive Treatments:

- Instruction on incorporating PRP and micro-needling treatments with other aesthetic procedures, such as chemical peels,

laser therapies, and radiofrequency.

- Discussion of the synergistic effects of combination therapies and their impact on treatment outcomes.

- Guidance on post-treatment care and follow-up protocols for optimal results.

8. Complication Management and Safety:

- Comprehensive discussion on potential complications associated with PRP and micro-needling treatments.

- Understanding adverse events, such as bruising, infection, and pigmentation changes, and strategies for prevention and 


- Emergency protocols, contraindications, and post-treatment monitoring to ensure patient safety.

9. Marketing and Practice Integration:

- Strategies for incorporating PRP facial and micro-needling treatments into an existing practice or establishing a specialized


- Overview of marketing tactics, patient education materials, and pricing considerations.

- Guidance on maintaining patient satisfaction, managing expectations, and fostering long-term relationships.

10. Hands-on Training and Case Studies:

- Hands-on training sessions allowing participants to practice PRP facial and micro-needling techniques on live models

under the guidance of experienced instructors.

- Analysis and review of case studies showcasing diverse patient profiles, treatment approaches, and successful outcomes.

- Instructor feedback on technique, treatment planning, and overall approach.


Please note that the course content and structure may vary depending on the training provider and regional regulations. It is important to adhere to local guidelines and scope of practice to ensure safe and effective integration of PRP facial and micro-needling techniques into your professional practice.

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